Cool Commands

Thu Nov 29 21:43:55 EST 2001

Just discovered fping and jot. Jot is native to *BSD.

Sat Jul 3 06:28:56 EDT 1999

I just accidentally found a really cool new Solaris command:

     sys-suspend - Suspend or shutdown the system and power off

     /usr/openwin/bin/sys-suspend [ -fnxh ] [ -d  ]

It completely powered of the system, and when i powered it on, it "resumed" all the processes. Even the network connections to other machines were still there! Weird. It must have stuffed all the process images away in swap, and powered off. When i powered back on, the kernel cranked up and knew it had been paused, so just read everything out of swap instead of booting. Cool.

I guess i always figured there was something like this for the Sun Voyager (luggable SPARCstation) but i didn't expect it to work with a SPARCstation 20/514.

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