I've been an ethical vegetarian since 1986. "ethical" indicates that i choose not to eat meat because: i empathize with (other) animals and can live a healthy and (perfectly) satisfying life without eating them. (As opposed to being a vegetarian because i care (any more than most other people) about health, appearance, or fads.) Whenever possible, i avoid things made of leather or fur. I've been mostly vegan at times, but currently i sometimes eat honey, so somewhere in-between "vegetarian" and "vegan."



Current Resume

I've been a Unix sysadmin since about 1990, and using computers since about 1983. A Unix system administrator is a person who "makes Unix computer systems go," usually (though not always) so that other people can use them to do whatever it is they want (or are being told to want) to do.

Being a sysadmin can involve any number of the following activities, sometimes several at the same time:

It's kind of like being Scottie on the Starship Enterprise.

I own Tumbleweed Electron Wranglers, Inc., a Sub-chapter-S corporation, incorporated in Texas.. I'm also TEW's receptionist, CEO, President, janitor, sysadmin, etc. (In other words, it's a one-person company.)


I like movies. I probably watch about two a week on average. I can't really identify which movie is my favorite, but i have identified some of my favorite movies.

A list of DVDs i bought at some point..


Despite the perils of the tele, and all of those movies i have seen, i can still read, though i often can't remember what it was i wanted to read next, or exactly the name of something i read.
Hence this Reading List


(Not a comprehensive list. :)