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Tue Sep 22 02:04:38 CEST 2020

The screen has become Reality

I went for a walk this evening. Covid-19 having relieved me of my commute, i try to get out once every day (or so) for about an hour, even if there's nothing i need to go out for. "Jemand spazieren gehen," as one might say in German.

This evening, as i passed by the fields at Fredrick-Ludwig-Jan-Sportpark, i stopped to watch an evening Fußball (soccer) match. Just as i began watching from about 12 meters behind one of the goals, a pass came into the center for one of the red-shirted forwards. He moved quickly past two defenders, and as he sought to gain control of the ball, it seemed like it bounced up and touched one of his hands. Immediately there were several shouts of "Hand" from the defense. The forward was already right in front of the goal; he kicked the erratically bouncing ball, -- maybe it bounced off the goalie's foot -- and it went up and hit the goal's top bar, and came straight back down fast, maybe just inside the goal, and then bounced up again, and seemed to hang about head-level. The forward and the goalie both leapt towards the ball to head or grab it, and they tangled and came down in a tumble. The ball bounced off of someone and rolled back out into the field.

This all happened in about 2.5 seconds.

I watched them lying on the ground, concerned to see if they both were OK. The goalie was a little slow to get up. The forward, still sitting on the ground, patted the goalie's chest, and then stood and helped the goalie to his feet. The goalie rubbed his back a bit, but they both seemed OK.

As i watched them walking back towards the center of the field i thought, "That was wild -- i can't wait to see close-up in the instant replay..." The game resumed and for a brief moment i was confused, thinking, "What?!? That was amazing, how can they not show the instant replay with the close-up slow-mo?! I need to see if the forward touched the ball with his hand! I want to see if the ball went into the goal!"

I don't normally watch sports (on TV, etc.), and perhaps for that reason, i might have worn a somewhat disturbed expression as i walked home, pondering how i seem to have (at least temporarily) forgotten that not quite everything is recorded and stored indefinitely like a model ship in a dusty glass bottle, for me to leisurely peruse as often as i like from the quiet comfort of my living room. Reality happens once, and then it's gone.

As Ferris said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

But irony didn't prevent me from stopping to take this picture of he field, so that this might be a slightly more visually-appealing post: nighttime soccer match seen through a fence

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