Yes, this is THE INDEX for EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about our third favorite bodily function.

Colors What color is your parashit?
Glowing "Now in dayglo orange!"
How To Your step by step guide.
Just Shit Anh Minh finds his calling.
Moral O Z Story Important points to ponder.
Oneness But What Cost Truth?
Same Ol' Shit Happy New Year, 1997! (28 Jan 97)
San Jose Advert Wait, don't answer yet!
Scratch n Sniff Now, for an unkind word from our sponsor.
Seeing God And if you do, DON'T TELL ANYONE!
Shit Happens A short guide to world religions
Shit Lesson Your FREE introduction to the San Jose Vipassana Shit Meditation
Thanks List And now, let us pause...
The Plan Didn't you always wonder how that happened?

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