Political Writings

The Daily Texan editorials are fairly painful for me to re-read, but i stuck 'em up here anyway. Yes, they mostly suck. I was 18 or 19 at the time, and an even worse writer than i am now.

Some of these writings have a specific audience in mind.

Oppose the CBDTPA (SSSCA) email 02 April 2002
Boycott Amazon.com email 28 February 2000
Reagan Carries A Big Stick - But He Doesn't Know How To Use It The Daily Texan 02 June 1987
We Have The Best Justice Money Can Buy The Daily Texan 27 April 1987
Our $600 Trillion President The Daily Texan 14 April 1987
A Modest Proposal: Use People not Animals The Daily Texan 05 March 1987
Western Media Paint Flawed Picture of PLO The Daily Texan 19 January 1987

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