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Mon Nov 16 02:21:06 CST 2009

Elfi's Rear Lights working.

I got out of bed about 16:00 today. Staggered around the house, drank some fruit juice and a bunch of coffee until i felt vaguely human, and then started working on Elfi about 17:40. Around 21:30 i went to dinner, and came back around 22:45, and worked some more, until about 01:15.

I have just about all of the electrical system working now. (There's a reading light that may be burnt out, and the high beams probably aren't wired to anything.) I replaced the 12v flasher with a 24v i got off the 'net, and the remaining weirdness with the turn signals and stop light disappeared (i was seeing 6v on those lines even with nothing activated).

I replaced the corroded rear wiring junction block with a new junction block (now with cover) near the back of the vehicle (underside), and wired everything up with crimped on ring terminals. I ran new wire from the new junction box to the right rear tail light. I even hooked up the license plate light, according to the wiring specs. It all worked on the first damn try. Tucked all the wiring up underneath the dash, secured it, bolted everything down, and attached a panel that stradles the steering column that wasn't attached when i got Elfi. (I recognize what it was after seeing pictures of other Pinzgauers.) I installed the rifle brackets on the passenger side, and bolted on the front license plate. (I did the rear awhile back.)

As far as i'm aware, Elfi is now good to go. :) This was immensely satisfying. I finally understand why so many people enjoy working on automobiles. I took something that was busted, fixed it, following the specs, and now i can drive places in it. If it breaks again, i'll fix it some more.

There's still more to do, of course. I noticed when i was crawling around underneath with the head lamp that the heat-exchanger is missing some ducts to connect it to the heating system. It's also got a few small holes i should patch, too. And i think i'll take it in and get the muffler replaced... supposedly this can be a pretty cheap (like $300) fix that makes the truck quieter.

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Sat Nov 7 00:07:28 CST 2009

"Bright Light Chine"

"Chine" like Cheech Marin said "Shine" in a Cheech and Chong song as in "Put me in front of the lineup and let the bright lights chine," or something to that effect.

There are bright lights shining on the house next door to mine. I think someone is making a movie. Maybe an indie film or Friday Night Lights? The morning, i noticed someone had put cones up in front of the house marking off the parking spots, and last weekend, the neighbor was pruning the two long bushes out front.

I had a good week. Monday night i went on the midnight Full Moon ride. I felt so happy to be with a bunch (like 150?) other bicyclist cruising through Austin late at night without the cars. Everyone was very friendly and cool. It was like a wandering party of coolness. We left from Town Lake, went up to Mt. Bonnell, back across and i dropped my chain on 34th near Lamar and lost the main group. (I found a break-off group that was heading S. on Guad, followed them long enough to find out the main group had gone elsewhere and then i just went home 'cause it was three AM.)

I can't remember the last time i felt so enthused about an "event" with other people. I felt safer 'cause i knew i was with like-minded people; being in that group made me less likely to be hit, even with all of the drunken chaos of the ride itself. But it's a herd of people who are normally loners, so it's like being in a pack of cats or mountain goats or something. I'm really looking forward to the next one.

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