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Thu Aug 20 04:05:20 CDT 2009

Cheney's Freedom is our Failure

Today, The Washington Post reports that the CIA had contracted with Blackwater to carry out covert ops, and was "instructed" to hide this from Congress by Dick Cheney.

When our "elected" officials bestow upon themselves dictatorial and secretive powers not listed in the Constitution, it is clear that something has gone very, very wrong.

If Cheney is not locked up in prison (or executed) for treason, after so clearly flaunting our rules of law, then i suppose we do deserve the inevitable and greater violations of our law which his crimes will enable, and which will drive our country further towards self-destruction.

Dennis Kucinich actually did try to stop him by introducing articles of Impeachment, but he was undermined by his own party. Presumably because the Democrats have been spineless for quite sometime, but perhaps it's really because at least some are simply in collusion with the (other) criminals. (At this point, who can really tell?)

Right now, we should be making clear that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land that everyone -- especially the elected officials -- are bound to follow. We could do this by prosecuting those criminals like Cheney who have ignored and subverted our law. But instead we are allowing a bunch of morons to set as the agenda of the debate whether or not there has been a vast, nearly 50-year conspiracy to fake Obama's place of birth, despite copious and compelling evidence that clearly indicates he was born exactly where and when he says he was.

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