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Tue Jul 21 01:34:39 CDT 2009

What the hell's going on with johan?

...i'm wondering myself. I haven't blogged as much because lately i've been a twit. I'm still trying to figure out what its good for. "Social Networking" is one way it's described. I think i still tend to think in longer, bloggy thoughts, so i'm not sure how long i'm gonna stick with it.

I've been playing enough Internet speed chess tonight that i keep thinking i need to shore up my right flank before the other guy takes my unprotected center A HREF (which is about where a pawn was in my last game) with his knight. Maybe i need some rest.

I had a good -- if somewhat full -- weekend: I went to a Black Star Co-op beer social, and spoke with a number of interesting people, including a couple from the Sustainable Food Center. Directly from there, i went to Elysium to hang out with Sunil, Thea, and another friend of theirs' while Sunil was DJing at Elysium. And i drank some more beer. Then we all went down to Kerbey Lane south (i got to ride in a convertible, w00t!), where C met us. I had the yummy vegan breakfast platter (but no more beer... it was 3am, after all).

Sunday i got some really ugly clothes to wear to the company meeting (long story), ate at Magnolia (hmm... hadn't noticed i hit both Magnolia and Kerbey within about 14 hours of each other) and went to the ElectroCircus where a local hula-hoop enthusiast helped me build a hula hoop. (And i 'hooped for around 3 hours.) Then i helped close The Bar.

Last weekend i had an existential crisis, brought on by trying to decide if i wanted in-wall (or in-ceiling) speakers in the TV room or would prefer to sell everything and go live in a cave or on a boat or something. After a few hours of grumpiness brought on by my inability to decide, i found a third option: i dyed my hair, green, red, and sort of magenta. (Originally, it was to be purple instead of magenta, but the purple turned out vaguely white, so i re-did it Monday night.)

I'm a little tired from all this frenetic activity, but still ahead of the game dollars-wise, in terms of (this apparently continuing) midlife crisis go. (Skateboard, hair dye, and hula-hoop are still a lot cheaper than a red sports car...)

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