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Sat Sep 20 00:38:13 CDT 2008

Pleasantly rather than painfully weird, for a change.

Sometimes Nanabozho's lessons are not at all painful but equally enlightening. Tonight i had a late dinner at the Parlor, sitting at the bar, between two men (strangers to each other) who had the same first name and were born on exactly the same day (today, 1961), within 100 miles of each other. I looked at both of their driver's licenses as the independent verifier of such strangeness, because one of the guys was blind.

But it gets better.

It's a busy Friday night, and there were no cabs to be had. So i volunteered to give the blind soon-to-be birthday boy a ride to his next destination: a stripper bar.

Being myself, i did not go in. But i will try to more fully understand these lessons Nanabozho sends my way, because they are preferable to the painful ones, like when i put a nail through my big toe.

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