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Sun Jul 27 00:40:00 CDT 2008


Haven't been on the skateboard at all for the past week, and only for commuting a little the week before that. Morning of the 13th, skating the Mabel Davis bowl with longboarders C & E, i had to take a big step down the side of the pool (because staying on the board would have been Bad) and did something unpleasant to my right leg. Back of knee, top of calf... can't really figure out what it was. Of course i kept skating for another hour or so. Then i went and skated at Patterson for another hour or two. It hurt everytime i turned, though. Next day, i was limping... could not walk normally. :) But it mostly got better quickly. Tuesday, i could walk normally, though stairs were painful. It improved a bit more, but still really hurt to skate, so i decided i better take some time off. Life without skating now makes me grumpy(ier). I'm off to Vermont next week to visit my Aunt aunt and Uncle. Hopefully it'll all be better by the time i return.

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Fri Jul 11 06:47:35 CDT 2008

Apparently i'm not the only one.

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Tue Jul 8 10:47:20 CDT 2008

skating and more skating

Had some yummy Migas at Star Seeds about 05:15 (was the only customer there), and headed down to Mabel Davis about 06:00. There were a couple of gals skating long boards in the bowl. Asian guy i saw a week or two ago showed up, and skated around the park and then in the bowl after the gals took off. After he left i skated in the bowl for awhile. Eventually went over front side into the wall and split my lower lip open. I skated some more, other people started showing up, so i went over to the miniramp at Patterson around 07:30. Traffic sucked already, so i took surface streets. Had a good time on the miniramp. Backside 180 turns are still pretty crappy. Stepped off at one point and the board smashed into the inside of my right leg, just above the high top. (Maybe it hit the high top and rode up.) Leg is now scratched, bruised, and slightly swollen. I'm either in much better shape, or as Trent suggested, i'm learning which muscles to use -- i'm not really muscle sore and i skated for at least as long.

Hehehe i'm starting to sound like Mr. Pither from The Cycling Tour Monty Python episode. He's the character (played by Michael Palin) who's touring around on his bike. He invariably wrecks, and then annoys complete strangers by going into great detail about how the food he was carrying was damaged (or not).

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