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Mon Nov 5 02:31:10 CST 2007

wait for 10.5.1

The short version: Mac OS X 10.5(.0) may be OK for very middle of the road users, but if you are doing anything slightly off the beaten path, wait for 10.5.1. I do lots of things (a bit more than slightly) off of the beaten path. For example, trying to run 10.5 on a G4 Cube. The cube has a processor upgrade (to 1.mumble GHz) and so 10.5 installed just fine. The problem is the cube always powers off during the boot. Command-v boot seems to indicate it's when the Firewire drivers are activated by the kernel, though it's hard to tell in the split second before the machine powers off. Could be the notoriously flakey periph. power supply in the G4 cube, combined with a 3rd party processor upgrade pulling more power than the cube was spec'd for. The other bit of woe concerns Digital Audio out when playing back from an NFS source. Yes, i am crazy enough to actually try and play HD quality video back on a 10.5 Mac mini with optical digital audio out. Seems to panic 10.5, though it worked in 10.4. (I have filed bug reports with Apple.) So yeah, i'd suggest waiting for the .1 release, this is definitely a .0.

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