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Thu Mar 15 22:02:20 CDT 2007

Flying Cats Monastery

Every now and then i come across something very strange while surfing the web.

This is one of those things.

Supposedly, this is in Burma.

What's interesting is that a google search for "flying cats monastery" doesn't find the page.

I was actually looking for pictures of modern day pirates.

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Wed Mar 14 14:28:56 CDT 2007

Being a Federal Prosecutor is Stressful!

Always read page 2. I'm reading this story about Justice Dept. attorney firings over at the CS Monitor, and lo and behold on page two, when putting the firing in context, the story reads:
Since 1981, only 54 US attorneys have not filled out their terms, according to a recent Congressional Research Service study. Of those, only eight appeared to be firings for cause. Reasons cited for dismissal in these eight cases include grabbing a TV reporter by the throat, disclosing information on an indictment, perjury, and biting a topless dancer on the arm after losing a big drug case, according to the CRS report.

Grabbing a TV reporter by the throat? Biting a topless dancer?

Who do these people think they are, Williamson county sheriffs?


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