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Mon Apr 17 11:09:38 CDT 2006

At least i didn't swallow my cellphone...

(as Amy did in a Futurama episdode.)

So i suddnely felt like standing outside in the cool night air and listening to some music without bothering my neighbors. But i can't find my Ipod Shuffle. Yes; i have become the posterchild for the Gen X, lazy, self-absrobed, moronic ... uh Gen X generation. I lost the stupid little thing because it's "about the size of a pack of gum," as Apple or someone advertised.

I mean, i hadn't used it in months, and i have this vague recollection of picking it up off of my computer desk and thinking, "This doesn't really need to sit here, i should put it somewhere safe!" Haha.


I checked coat pockets (found a lighter), and the computer bag -- no dice.

The painful irony is that i used to have a good memory. I think, as recently as 1997 (ouch, OK, that wasn't so recently) i could remember where everything was. Yes, everything. Well, no, not everything in the freakin' world. Every Thing i had ever found, bought, or been given and brought home with me. That white tablecloth my Mom gave me when i moved to Chicago, still in the plastic wrap, not yet used. That bit of 12 gauge copper wire i found on the street and saved. The Non Dairy Frozen Desert container of capacitors from when i tried to fix the 15" monochrome Sun monitors by trial and error. The candle and pack of matches in the upperleft Jeans jacket, from the time the power was off in my house in 1987. All of it. In 1997, if someone had asked, "do you have 1/2 of a candle and a pack of matches?" I would have replied, "Why yes, in that closet, on the floor,in my Jeans jacket, upper left pocket.

And now this --- losing small appliances from sheer lack of concern.

Perhaps this is good. The red dust collects on my enough as it is, without me scooping it up and bringing it home in my pockets.

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