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Thu Dec 1 02:40:18 CST 2005

"Does anybody else here talk to themselves besides us?"

or, "Just one of the many reasons i'm still slogging away in Samsara."

I guess somehow when i wasn't paying attention, i just drifted into crazy old manville or something. I definitely talk to myself in my head. I don't think that's especially weird -- i figure most people do to a certain extent. I mostly just mean the sort of (probably bad in the Buddhist sense) mundane dialogue we have with ourselves as we go through sundry parts of our daily routine. Except... the weird thing is (or at least seems to be based on my random sampling), i talk to myself in the first person plural. "Where the hell are our keys?" or "We've got to start getting up earlier." or "Yesss masster, we'd like some tasty (red Swedish candy without ground-up hooves) fishessss, gollum gollum!"

So without further explanation or apology, here's the dialogue from Saturday evening:

"We're going to cut these tags off of these new fleecy, slipper-socky things so we can puts them on our feet, and then our feetsies will be nice and warm!"

"W00t! And because we live in such a wacky house, here's a pair of ESD-safe wire cutters hanging from a tool belt in our closet!"

"Cool! Oh... but let's cut the little pasticky anchor thing from the socks over the trash can so the little plasticky bits don't fall on the floor."

"Yeah, so like uhh... mindful and Eastern like! Act carefully and without repurcussions..."

"Crap! It fell in the garbage can and BOUNCED back out! It's like the Universe reached in and pulled the little piece of crap plasticky bit back out and threw it back on the floor!"

"And after all of our careful efforts to be so mindful!"

"The Universe has it out for us. To Hell with enlightenment!"

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