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Thu Nov 24 02:05:40 CST 2005

One of the most ominous phrases ever.

"Diarrhea develops somewhat later..."

Yeah, it's gross. Believe it or not, i arrived upon those four words because i was curious about bitters and so i went to look "bitters" up at Wikipedia. (This was the result of two things from earlier today: First, i had a pretty badly made Old Fashioned at the Cactus Cafe bar. Second, i was talking with jmike, and due to factors beyond our control, we ended up at Wikipedia reading about castor oil and snake oil. Which reminded me i should look up bitters.

See where this is going? Probably not. I don't, and it's my story.

Bitters -- AKA "Angostura bitters" -- is a common ingredient in mixed drinks, including the Old Fashioned. However, it used to be an herbal remedy, used to treat stomach maladies back in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Next, i learned there's another kind of bitters, Peychaud, which is subtly different from Angostura. The former is found usually in NOLA, often being used in mixed drinks, like the Sazerac.

And the Sazerac was sometimes made with Absinthe, which contains wormwood, which some guy drank a seriously toxic amount of after reading about it online and ordering some essential oil of Wormwood off of the 'net.

And on that page, the author warns that in addition to not drinking neurotoxins, that one must also fully cook Kidney beans before eating them, otherwise one might ingest a bunch of Phytohaemagglutinin which is toxic to humans and as the page says:

The onset time from consumption of raw or undercooked kidney beans to symptoms varies from between 1 to 3 hours. Onset is usually marked by extreme nausea, followed by vomiting, which may be very severe. Diarrhea develops somewhat later (from one to a few hours), and some persons report abdominal pain. Some persons have been hospitalized, but recovery is usually rapid (3 - 4 h after onset of symptoms) and spontaneous.

...and so here we are. -----

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