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Mar 14 00:24:00 2005

"Prince William takes polo tumble"

CNN was not the only news org to report that Prince WIlliam took a "tumble" during a polo match for a tsunami charity. They (I guess it's really Reuters, though AP posted the story as well) went on to say:
The 22-year-old prince was unhurt in the fall and quickly remounted
to carry on the game at Longdole Polo Club in Birdlip, Gloucestershire,
which his team lost 12-7.
I mean, i must have made the mistake of thinking that on a relatively busy international news day (People dying in Iraq and elsewhere, China putting in writing its intent to invade Taiwan, should Taiwan declare independence, etc.) that Prince William had shuffled off this mortal coil as a result of the fall. Or maybe was paralyzed or something.
But no. He "took a tumble" (E.g. Fell off his horse, onto his head, it would appear) and then went on to finish the game. Because he was OK, meaning, not seriously injured. We, the dutiful editors here at AP and Reuters just thought that all of you peasants in the entire freaking world needed to know that Prince William, fell off his horse, but now he's OK! So you can stop lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking, "My, Bonnie Prince William was supposed to have an awfully tough charity benefit polo match today. I wonder if he's OK? I sure hope he didn't fall on his head!"
I cut the ring finger of my right had on a cat food can about 3 days ago. It bled a whole lot, and it didn't stop until i tightly wrapped a band aid coated with Neosporin around it. And then it started bleeding again the next day when i picked up something wrong, and it's really a pain in the ass for me to type without it, which is terribly inconvenient, given that i type for a living. I'm operating at like -10% efficiency here! (Really a bit worse than that. Those short little pinkies don't pull their own weight.)
But somehow, i doubt the world really gives three shits about me, my cut finger, and my stupid cat fud cans, because AP and Reuters aren't exactly banging down my door to see what's going on. And rightly so, because why in the hell would any reasonable person think that it's international news that i cut my finger or some spoiled rich guy in England fell off his horse?
I guess this will piss off all the fascists. Sorry.

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