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Feb 20 01:44:00 2005

Not the first name that comes to mind when i head "tropical"

OK, is it just me or does the phrase "tropical storm olaf" just not sound correct?
I mean, if i hear just, "Tropical Olaf," i think, "Hmmm a very sunburned Scandahoovian."
And then i think, it must be euphemism for an insane person. And after that, i envisage some sort of horrendous alcoholic concoction that leaves you feeling absolutely disgusting the next day.
I know they're trying to be diverse in their choice of names, but... uhh.. "Olaf"? Sure... i can handle "Andrew," "Bettina," or even "Wendy." (hehe. get it? "Wendy?")
But Olaf?
I want "Hurricane Zoroaster." Or "Hurricane Bubba."

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