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Oct 15 14:14:00 2004

What does it mean when your existential movie goes black?

So i was watching _I [Heart] Huckabees_ with about 30-40 other people in the Dobie Mall theatre last night. After about one hour and 40 minutes, the screen went dark, though the dialogue kept going. Someone at the end of my row joked that it was part of the movie, and most of the theatre laughed. Eventually someone from the theatre came, monkeyed with the "lamp" for about 15 minutes, gave up, and then distributed 2 free passes to each person in the theatre. I suspect there was about 10 minutes left in the movie. It's basically Douglas Adams' idea behind Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, but applied like therapy.

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Oct 09 23:27:00 2004

Presidential Candidates Arrested at Friday's debate

...unfortunately, it was the wrong two. Badnarik (L) and Cobb (G) were arrested for civil disobediance when they crossed police lines keeping them out of the Presidential debate. Reportedly, Badnarik and perhaps Cobb were carrying an Order to Show cause issued by an AZ court, to be served to the Commission on Presidential Debates.
Did you know that the CPD is not an independent entity, but rather a front for the Dems & Repubs., and that the League of Women Voters withdrew from their historical role of sponsoring the debates after the debate rules and format were subverted by the CPD?
badnarik arrest info
Green Party statement

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