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Aug 09 16:27:00 2004

Life has definitely changed...

...when i get excited upon learning that the city dump ("landfill") has a sliding fee scale for pickup loads of garbage, based upon the fullness of the truck's bed. (So i won't feel like i'm wasting money if i just fill the bed of the truck up to the top of the bed. And more conveniently, my parent's truck (that they've loaned me) has a lid on the bed, and so i don't have to worry about bits of drywall and lumber flying out of the truck on its way to the dump. Yay!
I just wish they were open more than just weekdays, 8:30am - 4pm.
I'm sure everyone can just barely contain their excitment!

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Aug 04 18:39:00 2004

I really was planning on getting a tetanus shot anyway.

So Monday evening, while riding home from work, i noticed a nice, big (4' x 8'), fresh-looking piece of plywood leaning against a dumpster. Despite being gainfully employed, i've never been able to ignore useful-looking junk sitting in the garbage -- it just seems like such a waste. (Especially now that i've got a "fixer-upper" house; this piece of plywood was just crying out to be put down as floor in my attic.)
A bit later, on the way back from the grocery, i came back for the piece of plywood with my parents' truck*. It had a bunch of obnoxious writing on it in black marker; mostly seemed to be a bunch of Indian guys picking on their friend, Sanjay. Things like, "I heard Sanjay has a small penis." Strange. Maybe they had boarded up the door to his apartment as some sort of joke. (It was near campus.)
And it also had about ten 6d or 7d nails in it.
So i carefully put it in the truck and drove home.
Tuesday i slept in because i was exhausted from the move last weekend, and staying up too late unpacking, etc.
So i got up at about 1300, wandered around and eventually made my way outside, at which point i noticed the piece of plywood waiting for me in the back of the truck. I was so tired the night before, i hadn't unloaded it.
So i did. I picked it up and set it down on the driveway (pointy side of the nails down) so i could pry the nails out with a hammer.
But i had my right foot in exactly the wrong spot as i set the board down (well, dropped it, so that the nails would get pushed up a bit when the pointy ends hit the driveway), and there was that familiar ouch feeling, and i figured i grazed my foot with a nail. I was wearing vans (the kind that look a lot like Keds) but they are cloth on top and wouldn't turn a firm blade of grass, much less a nice, sharp, new nail with the weight of a 4' x 8' piece of plywood on it.
I picked the piece of plywood back up and there was another unpleasant feeling from my big toe, which i took (correctly) to mean this was not just a scrape. I took off my shoe, and there was indeed a blood spot in my sock, on top of my big toe. I picked my foot up and looked at the bottom, and there was a another little spot of blood there, too, at which point i muttered some obscenities and limped into the house.
The weird thing was, it really didn't hurt very much. Even less now. It was tender, but not the kind of pain you'd expect after having shoved a nail through your big toe.
So i walked inside and put hydrogen peroxide on the entry and exit wounds, and then a band aid with some neosporin. And i ate a bunch of Echinacea and Goldenseal. I giggled a little bit, too, because while bandaging my toe, the thought occurred to me that i'd been 25% crucified.
So today i went to the doc (for the first time in about 18-19 years) and got the first tetanus booster shot i've had in about 22 years. And some antibiotics.
Important johan-lesson: never handle dangerous objects before coffee.
I really was planning on getting a tetanus shot because i knew i'd be working with lots of pointy things.
And so begins the saga of home improvement.
*I've trade vehicles with my parents so i can use their pickup to do stuff like haul big pieces of drywall home from the hardware store, or haul 60-year-old debris from my bathroom and kitchen to the dump.

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