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Jun 10 11:41:00 2004

Kay doesn't care...

So most U.S. congress critters have web pages that allow you to submit comments. And most of them require you to select a subject or topic. I was just telling Texas' two GOP senators to vote against S. 893 because it's a threat to Civil Rights and i noticed that Kay Bailey Hutchinson's email form does not have a Civil Rights topic, even though there are topics like "Fish /Wildlife" and "Postal Service."
Apparently Civil Rights are not an important issue to Kay. How unsurprising.

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Jun 08 13:24:00 2004

the so-called "Justice Dept."

The news is quite surreal these days:

WP: "Memo Offered Justification for Use of Torture"

NYT: "Lawyers Decided Bans on Torture Didn't Bind Bush
So today we learn that the U.S. Department of "Justice" has been describing what methods of torture its boss -- the President of the United States -- may "legally" use on prisoners. It's a bit surreal, one cannot believe they are actually saying these things. Even worse, these prisoners to be tortured are the very same prisoners being detained outside of the U.S. in an area (Guantanamo Bay) over which the Bush Administration claims they have sole jurisdiction and authority. All of the prisoners have been denied the most important protections against abuse from our very own Bill of Rights:
The Right to "a speedy and public trial"
The Right to legal Counsel
The Right to confront the witnesses against them
The Right "to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation"
Protection from "cruel and unusual punishment"
So the President's minions tell us these people are exempt from U.S. law because they are "enemy combatants." This is a contrived status, designed to circumvent both U.S. law, and the treaties to which we are a party, such as the Geneva Convention. The desired result being the Bush Administration can do whatever they want, without the least bit of restraint from any other entity, be it Congress, the courts, or other governments whom have the right if not obligation to protect their own citizens.
And yet the situation is even worse. Because in what is probably the best demonstration of why this is all so horribly wrong, the FBI arrested a American citizen on U.S. soil because his fingerprint reportedly showed up on material linked to a terrorist bomb in Spain, and he is conveniently Muslim. But the FBI then ignored mounting evidence that they've screwed up the fingerprint work, and had an innocent man in jail. How close was this innocent U.S. citizen to being deported to Guantanamo Bay, and "acceptably tortured" because, of course, he's a terrorist, just like all the other people there who've been denied access to counsel, most not even charged with a crime?
The bottom line is that the Bush Administration is out of control. They are running roughshod over this country's most basic and fundamental beliefs of freedom from tyranny. No one in this country is safe. According to our Department of "Justice" you can now be arrested, denied all of your constitutional rights and protections, held indefinitely without charges, denied counsel and tortured in the name of "national security."
Does everyone understand? YOU, each and everyone of YOU can be ARRESTED DEPORTED, INDEFINITELY IMPRISONED, AND TORTURED (within the constraints of what your jailers feel is "legal"), all without charges, or access to legal counsel or the judicial system.
And that assault rifle you might have in your closet won't do anything but provide them an excuse to drop a bomb on your house, unless your fellow citizens are willing to help defend your rights when the tyrant's minions come for you.
I'd really appreciate if everyone reading this would think about it, come November.

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Jun 04 13:16:00 2004

random URLs of the whatever.

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