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May 24 17:00:00 2004

I have the feeling...

...that for the forseeable future, the road to Hades will be paved with my checkbook.
The house is about 65 years old, 2 BR 1 BA, 1056 sq. ft., and in the French Place neighborhood of Austin (East of IH-35, North of Manor, South of 38th St.), about 6 blocks north of Eastside Cafe. The lot is a little deeper than average (147 feet) and it has a concrete patio and garage in the back.
For the same price, i could have prolly got something twice as large out in the 'burbs, but then i would have had all this free time to kill on the weekends. With this house i'll be constantly updating things, painting, replacing kitchen cabinets, adding air conditioning, bathroom tile, etc.
Sounds like a lot of work, but the location is great so i can continue to bike to work, and the house seems in pretty good shape. (The official inspection is not until Thursday, though.) I think after i dump about $10K into it, it will be quite pleasant, which is good, because i'll be spending a lot of time there, eating beans and rice and engaging in other, cash-flow-neutral hobbies. :)
So is there a "Welcome to the Bourgeoisie" committee that's going to make me start getting out of bed before Noon on the weekends now?

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