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Wed Feb 18 16:22:49 CST 2004

Taking Fiber way to far.

So i walk into the Men's bathroom in Waggener hall, here at UT Austin, and can't help but noticing that there's a pile of sunflower seed shells on the floor in one of the stalls. And i think, "Oh great... in addition to 70,000 of my closest house-ape friends (students, faculty, staff), i now also have to share the toilet seats with UT's copious squrrel population."


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Feb 04 11:10:00 2004

When i read this, i was nodding a lot...

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Mon Feb 2 20:59:41 CST 2004

Venality TV

I don't watch much TV. I realize there's a perception of "intelligencia pressure" to say that, but really, i don't, despite the last entry being about watching PBS. DVDs: yes. Playstation: yes. PBS: when i have time, though not as much as i would like. Which i was watching this evening, about how the many of the American settlers of Texas screwed the Tejanos (Mexicans living in Texas) out of their land and possessions after Texas won its independence from Mexico, despite the fact that these very same Tejanos had fought along side the European Americans for Texas Independence at the Alamo, San Jacinto, and many, other places. Most of these EAs were from the United States. (Texas was an indepenedent country for 10 years.) Damn Americans just cannot seem to get past the color of people's skin. Or maybe it just made a covenient excuse to murder and steal. Pretty depressing either way. After the program was over i channel surfed for a few seconds until i came across some "Reality TV" show i'd never heard of. I just don't understand what possible purpose these shows could serve. A little unsolicited advice: if you need "reality," turn OFF the damn TV, walk outside, look at the sky, and if feeling especially estranged from "reality" just eat some dirt or something. Watching people do humiliating things on TV for money is not "reality," it's pathetic.

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