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Sun Jan 25 01:11:33 CST 2004

Random PBS-inspired thoughts.

I'm watching PBS and eating leftover Chinese food right now, and they were talking about some museum that was interacting with an Indian Tribe somewhere, and the tribe was explaining that it was disrespectful to display an (American Indian) pipe assembled; that it was more appropriate for it to be stored disassembled, because when assembled it indicated immediate (ceremonial) use. And so i was thinking, how depressing would it be to go to a museum and see something you recognize as special or sacred treated with such ignorance? Life a Christian crucifix hung sideways? And then i was thinking... Chinese and Japanese people have probably had spoons for a long time. So it seems like it isn't that they use chop sticks out of necessity (gee, we just can't figure out any better way to get food into our mouths) as much as this choice has to do with demostrating that one can eat food in a way that demonstrates care and dexterity. In otherwords, "Sure we could spear our food with a pointy stick" ("point-ed stick" as Eric Idle says), "but we are so much above that brutish behavior! We use TWO pointy sticks, pinch the food, and carry it two our mouths!" And now there's this NOVA special on about Ankara, a region in Madahascar, and the lemurs and crodiles and other seemingly-strange animals that live there. (I mean, they are supposed to seem strange to the viewer, but they probably seem pretty normal to themselves...) Eeep! Now they are showing some weird animal called an "I-i" who looks just a lot like Yoda... It eats termites and ants inside trees. I wonder if Yoda can hear really well? So anyway this scientist traps and tranqs a lemur and he measures all of these things about the lemur (size, blood, etc.) while it's lying there with it's tongue lolling around out of its mouth, and then they release it. And i think, "What if every night that i go to sleep, some Alien entity kidnaps my consciousness and does all these strange things to it to see how *i'm* evolving or different than said Alien, and my dreams are some sort of twisted recollection of the Alien attempt to understand my waking life?" Which seems like a pretty boring view of what dreams are... i'd much rather think of them as a more "self-directed" experience in a different world. Freya (the German Shepherd) is sitting next to me (on her big papa-san (why are they called this? Because papa-san sits in the papa-san chair because he's like... Mister Big Man in the Japanese House? Weird...) cushion and the noises the baby crocodiles make wake her up and she's looking at them on the TV. KLRU (PBS) used to show Monty Python on TV late at night on Saturdays. What the hell happened? I suppose i have it on DVD, and i don't need them to entertain my homebody-self on a Saturday night. I miss Doctor Who. Lemurs are matriarchal, vegetarian (unless they can find any good veggie stuff) and our ancestors. Oh, and the hair color pattern on the males' head looks like male pattern balding. Bizzare. (" Uhh... why no, i'm not some aging, balding monkey man , i'm a young monkey man who wants to harken back to our shared lemur, matriarchal heritage.... is that OK with you M'am?") I'm going to stop writing now -- this is starting to seem weird, even to me. OK, one last thing... isn't ignoble for PBS to use a (Fatboy Slim?) song that just repeats "Funk Soul Brother" over and over again to try to appeal to the latest generation?


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