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Dec 05 11:22:00 2003

"You want we should break his typin' fingers?"

On average i receive about 35 SPAMs / day. For each SPAM, i (well, my shell scripts) attempt to mail "abuse" at the domain for the relay that dumped the SPAM on me. (Not the host or domain in the "From:" line. Those are often fake. I'm talking about the hosts further up in the headers, where it says, "Received: from "...)
Most of the time, the only replies i ever receive are the standard, boring, long-winded auto-replies meant to cover every conceivable cause for complaint: SPAM, remote breakins, chemtrails. Today i got this reply:
Hello; Thank you for this information. This customer has been dealt with and you should no longer have any further incidents from this user.
"Dealt with?" "No ... further incidents..." Sounds kind of ominous, like some Wiseguy ISP in Jersey or something. But it's actually Mountain CableVision Ltd. in Ontario. Better remember not to mess with those Ontarians. (Ontaroons? Ontaranians?)

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Dec 04 15:27:00 2003

Could men be any more obsessed with this?

From the Front page (of the electronic edition) of the NYT:
Fossil Find Hailed as Earliest Recorded Male
Lead paragraph:
425-million-year-old fossil found in Herefordshire, England, may be the oldest record of an animal that is unarguably male. Scientists report today in the journal Science that the tiny crustacean, only two-tenths of an inch long, had an unmistakable penis.

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