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Oct 28 10:45:00 2003

New, Improved, SPAM!

I got some new spam yesterday. The body seems to be comprised solely a random text selection from the 'net.

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Mon Oct 27 13:13:16 CST 2003

SPAM: random web-page SPAM

So i've gotten two weird spams today. One looks like someone's description of going to an anti-fur protest that is available from an Essay factory. The other looks like a bit of a story called _Anne's House of Dreams_. There is no website in the body of the message where i am supposed to buy stuff to enlarge parts of me. But the "Subject" line very clearly looks like spam:

Subject: Zanten Johan, 30 year Rates at Record Lows in Laurel ... and i used to live in Laurel, MD. The messages are addressed to "[email protected]" which is an an address that only really appears in the WHOIS records for my domains. Weird. I guess they're just fishing for email addresses (hoping i will respond and say, "What the hell are you talking about?"), and are sending random text selections harvested from the 'net to avoid spam filters... But it's weird, and just started today.

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Oct 20 15:36:00 2003

Maybe i'm just paranoid...

but this story about vociferious Republicans controlling the three new voting machine companies that many counties have rushed to adopt really bothers me. Almost as much as the fact that i heard nothing about this angle to the story here in the US and have to read about it in a UK paper.

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Wed Oct 15 17:03:55 CDT 2003

Switching to Postfix

After 10+ years of sysadmining sendmail on (Unix) machines, i've switched to Postfix. Just too many Sendmail patches for me to keep up with. Wietse Venema, the guy who wrote Postfix, has struck me as a careful, adept and good programmer. (He also wrote TCP wrappers) So far i like Postfix, but it makes me sad to stop using Sendmail.


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