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Sep 29 18:12:00 2003

Well i hope all you Crab Bingers are happy...

...You got this lady fired! ;)

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Sep 24 22:49:00 2003

i like...

this "natural" outdoors thing. I'm sitting on [info]anassadeina's porchswing, and i was thinking of having this here 'puter recount some recorded music for me, but i think i much more enjoy the sounds of the (relatively) wild outdoors. Crickets, other bugs, some coyotes. And every now and then that rumpling crunch from the not-so-big, but still very dark Hill Country forest that is most definitely not the wind, but some Wild Animal. And when the cool breeze picks up, it really is Heavenly.
I should probably also mention that i am most of the way through a very large (20 oz.) Rogue Shakespeare Stout.

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Sep 19 15:31:00 2003

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