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Sat Feb 22 18:15:39 EST 2003

Ride: Southest Parkway

Went riding with the the LtR people today:

Biklometer thingy says:
Avg speed: 23.98 KpH or 14.9 MpH
There was an awesome tail wind coming east on 2244.
Max speed: 61.48 KpH or 38.2 MpH
Elapsed time: 1 hours, 29 minutes, 10 seconds.
Distance traveled: 33.95 kilometers or 22.1 miles.

A very good time. Beautiful day. A little chilly at first; after the ride i think my lungs hurt a little from the cold air. Or perhaps that's the cigarettes that i ought to stop smoking.

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Sun Feb 9 20:21:51 EST 2003

Ride: Loop 360, et al.

The weather was wonderful (up around 20C (70F), so i went for my third significant a bike ride today: Up the bike route on Guadalupe, to Morrow, west to MoPac, over on the ped bridge to Far West, west some more to Mesa, then North to Spicewood Springs. Fast, fast, fast down the big hill, ready to die die die, if someone turns in front of me, to Loop 360. South on 360 to Mopac. North on Mopac's feeder, into a bit of Zilker Park, then take the pedway under Mopac over the Colorado river, up the bike path to 5th, east on 5th for bit, and then North Rio Grande and Nueces to 21st. East on 21st to Speedway, North on speedway through campus and then through Hyde Park, pretty much all the way home. (Near 45th St.)

Biklometer thingy says:
Avg speed: 22.88 KpH or 14.3 MpH
Max speed: 59.84 KpH or 37.4 MpH
(i'm getting to be such a chicken in my old age)
Elapsed time: 2 hours, 1 minute, 9 seconds.
Distance traveled: 46.24 kilometers or 28.9 miles.

I am not in the same shape i was when i left Austin, 7.5 years ago. I played the usual song from the _Akira_ soundtrack (in my head) when i attempted to really attack the hill on the north-bound side of Mopac's feeder, just north of 360, but i just didn't have much left. Yeah, i had just ridden 21 miles, but i used to be able to stand in the pedals and just go at it all the way up that tiny little hill.

I prolly ought to stop smoking the 2-3 cigs i smoke a day. My lungs don't feel quite right, but sometimes i wonder if that has more to do with all the car exhaust i am sucking in. There were lotsa cars on 360 today.

At least i had a tasty and relatively good-for-me meal at Mother's before. Plenty of fuel from the French Toast, salad, smoothie and chip. I prolly burned a bit over 2,000 calories, which would explain why i just ate about 30 veggie jelly beans. (urp)

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Thu Feb 6 12:57:46 CST 2003

TX Shuttle Plates.. :(

The current Texas (auto) license plates have a Space shuttle in the upper left hand corner, and it saddens me a little bit everytime i see them.

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