Suisse Voyage, 2014

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5 Sep. 2014

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Vineyards near Lake Geneva, photographed from the train The first day was travel. We had an Noon-ish flight from London Gatwick to Geneva. The flight was only about 90 minutes -- we spent more time in trains going to and from the airports. Our first night's lodging was the "B & B" Les Dix Sens, owned and run by Danièle and Stéphane. Regrettably, we were in a bit of a rush, as we were trying to catch one of the last buses from Sion for "Mache," where Stéphane said he'd pick us up. (Earlier in the day the bus ran all the way out to Pralong (where Les Dix Sens is), but not in the evening.)

Mache town centre Immediately after fetching bags and passing through border controls at the Geneva airport, we hopped on the train that briefly passed through Geneva, and then headed East, along the North shore of Lake Geneva, through Lausanne, Montreux, and then following the Rhône river through Monthey, Martigny to Sion. At Sion, we had dinner at a Thai restaurant near the station, and then we caught a bus up into the foothills, to Mache, where we had drinks at a cafe until Stéphane from the B & B picked us up. That was pretty much it for the day, as it was dark when we left Mache.

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