Jesus and Ghandi

As Jesus Christ slowed to a stop at the intersection of Avenue B and 31st street on his one speed, rather rickety old bicycle, Muhatma Gandhi also stopped on the street crossing the street Jesus was on.

Gandhi was driving a 1964 white Volkswagon 'Beetle', which looked to be in rather bad shape, as it had not been washed since before Gandhi's trip from India.

Gandhi, at a complete stop, smiled kindly through the cracked windshield of the VW and ushered the long-haired bicyclist onward. Jesus, Son of Ghod, smiled radiantly, and shook his head almost imperceptibly, gesturing with his arm for Gandhi to please take the initiative.

Nick Simons, son of no one quite so well known as Ghod, hammered the horn of his truck violently with his clenched fist, and vowed to run over the Ghod damn hippy if he didn't move. Jesus Christ, Saviour of humankind, turned around and smiled a saintly, understanding smile, and kindly asked Nick to please wait a moment if he could. Nick took a sip of coffee from his "Circle K Coffee Club" Mug, and then ran over Jesus. As Nick went through the intersection though, he, and his 82' Ford Ranger were squashed flatter than a waffle by the considerably larger mass of a member of the species "Tyrannosaurus Rex," whose name was Bob.

Nostradamus, sitting on the corner, looked questioningly into his brass bowl filled with water, which was sitting on a wooden tripod, and then back to Bob. (He didn't know Bob's name of course.) He then scratched out the word "Brontosaurus" in his journal and underneath wrote, "Tyrannosaurus Rex." He closed his journal, stood up and waved a friendly hello at Gandhi who was passing through the intersection.

Gandhi decided that these things must happen all the time in America.

Nostradamus dumped the water out of his brass pot onto a nearby snapdragon, collected his belongings, and standing up accidentally stepped into a hole in the space time continuum, disappearing. The newly-wetted snapdragon turned into a large gray house cat named "Fluffy," and bounded off into the jungle.